Cost Effective Engineering Projects for Outsourcing- CAD, CAM & Drafting Services

Published: 19th July 2010
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MacKenzie Brown
Director & Co-Founder of Engineer Outsourcing

Engineer Outsourcing - Marketplace for CAD, CAM and CAE Projects Engineering Services

Engineer Outsourcing (EO) connects business with low-cost CAD, CAM and CAE services from reputable engineering firms in India. The EO marketplace saves clients up to 85% on staffing costs for drafting, AutoCAD technicians, CAD, CAM, CAE, draftsman and drafting services. The moderated projects, escrow and trust account ensure all offshoring EPO (engineering process outsourcing) projects are delivered accurately and on-time. EO is a Canadian company located in Calgary, Alberta and builds connections with engineering companies in India that provide first-class work.

Research shows that companies based in the United States and Canada save $45,000 annually on each draftsperson position that is located offshore ( Small and medium enterprises can outsource 10-200 staff simultaneously, which equals $450K to $9M (USD) in annual savings. In addition, Indian vendors are quality certified, can supply an instantly large workforce for a temporarily large project and provides flexibility for your company to add/reduce staff quickly during economic volatility or business cycles.

Projects include AutoCAD Design, AutoCAD conversions, AutoCAD Drawings, AutoCAD Engineering, 2D to 3D Conversions, Raster to Vector, GIS Conversions and CAD 3D Modeling. Engineer Outsourcing services various engineering disciplines including structural engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering as well as oil and gas engineering services.

Cost Effective Engineering Projects for Outsourcing- CAD, CAM & Drafting Services

If you want your engineering work to be completed in India with very low costs involved, but without sacrificing the quality of services that you will get, you have come to the right place. Here at, our goal is to make engineering work as reasonably-priced as possible, while still delivering professional, high-quality results.

Here is a list of the engineering projects that you can outsource to

Architectural Engineering

One of the most complex yet ultimately important part of the design process in architecture is drawing and drafting. As such, it pays to outsource these tasks to artists and skilled professionals who know exactly what they're doing. At, you can outsource any of the following architectural tasks:

3D Architectural Animation

3D Rendering



CAD Drafting

Paper to CAD Conversion

Space Planning

Civil Engineering

Over the next few years, the demand for civil engineering professionals is expected to soar. If there is a civil-engineering related task that you need to finish for you, we can definitely do so in a cost and time-effective manner. This includes:

Construction Drawings

Construction Cost Estimation


Interior Designing, Landscaping, Residential/Commercial Planning, Environmental Designing

MEP Design

Paper to CAD Conversion

Mechanical Engineering

Here at, you can expert that the high-quality mechanical services that we provide are adherent to international standards. Here's a quick list of the mechanical engineering services that you can outsource to us:

CAD Conversion/Migration

3D Cad & Solid Modeling

2D Drafting

Finite Element Analysis

Prototyping and Rapid Prototyping

Scanning and Measurement

Value Engineering

Structural Design

Structural design or structural engineering requires a professional to have a depth of knowledge about industry standards, innovations and extensive experience in the field. Take a look at the list of the structural design services that you can outsource to us:

Composite Structures Design

Design of High-Rise/Industrial Structures and Custom Homes

RCC Structures Design

Steel Structures Design

Prefabricated Building Systems Design


One of the most complex yet interesting part of engineering work in any field is software development. For this, the type of work that you can outsource to usually falls under the following major categories:

Business Processes Software Development

Custom Software Development

Engineering Processes Software Development

Internet/Intranet Software Development

Offshore Software Development

General Engineering (including Consulting/Project Management)

When you have a talk with any of the engineering firm managers, one of the tasks that they actually fear outsourcing are those which have something to do with consulting and project management. This should not be an issue for you at all, seeing as how you can outsource the following tasks through


Training & Development

Project Management

Other Engineering (if applicable)

If necessary, there are other specialized branches of engineering whose tasks you can also outsource to Work Categories
If you are looking forward to outsourcing any of the following engineering-related tasks, will help you accomplish such feat. Our goal is to provide you with low-cost yet high-quality engineering services, which include the following work categories:





Finite Element Analysis


Home Design

Machine Learning

Manufacturing Design

Materials Engineering

Mathlab & Mathematics




Natural Language

PCB Layout


Project Scheduling


Scientific Research



Structural Engineering



Engineering and Manufacturing Categories

One of the most complex tasks in the field engineering includes those which are under the manufacturing processes. Rather than spending time and money training your employees to perform these highly technical tasks, you will save a lot by outsourcing the individual tasks to Here's a comprehensive list of the engineering and manufacturing categories that we offer:

3D Modeling


Altium Designer




Autodesk Inventor

Chemical Engineer

Civil Engineer

Computer Engineer



Electrical Engineer



Industrial Design

Industrial Engineer

Integrated Circuits

Interior Design


Manufacturing Design

Material Engineer


Mechanical Engineer


Operations Research



Rhino CAD

Scientific Computation



Structural Analysis


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